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Save Money By Using The Choice Furniture Online-Voucher And Voucher Codes

We bring to our customers the most economical way of shopping in the form of online choice furniture voucher codes or e-discount coupons. Our voucher codes are easily applicable and help you to get more discounts on your shopping purchase.

Range of Voucher Codes

Our exclusive ranges of voucher codes go beyond the traditional way and offer you discounts and offers in many ways. Some of our most used and popular voucher codes are detailed below.

Discount Voucher Codes

Exclusive discount when you shop for a furniture or home decor product with us at our online shopping portal. They can reduce your purchasing cost by 5 % to 50% or even more!

Free Home Delivery Voucher Codes

The free shipping vouchers help you to get these items without any shipping cost added to them.

Gift Vouchers

Redeemed for an extra gift that comes with your purchase.

How To Use The Voucher Codes?

Choose Your Product First and foremost you need to choose the product (s) you wish to purchase.

Add the product to your online shopping cart

Add the chosen product to the online product trolley. You can do this by clicking the “ADD to CART” button.

Enter the Voucher Code

On cart page, you will find a “voucher code” box where you should enter the voucher code.

Once you enter the code in the box, click the apply button. Subsequently the voucher discount, free home delivery discount or gift will be applied to your purchase.

Please Note:

Signup Voucher Codes do not apply to following brands

  • Annaghmore
  • Assembly Services
  • Baumhaus Furniture
  • Birlea Furniture
  • Breasley
  • Clearance
  • Corndell
  • Deco Home
  • Dormeo Memory Line
  • Dormeo Octaspring
  • Ercol
  • Frank Hudson
  • Gallery Direct
  • Glimmer Furniture
  • Global Furniture Alliance
  • Greenapple Furniture
  • Hill Interiors
  • Indian Hub
  • Jaipur Furniture
  • Julian Bowen Furniture
  • Kaydian
  • Kayflex
  • Limelight Beds
  • Mark Harris Furniture
  • Mark Webster Designs
  • Relyon
  • Rowico
  • Serene Furnishings
  • Shankar Enterprises
  • Space London
  • Stompa
  • Stuart Jones
  • Sweet Dreams
  • The Oak House
  • Vogue Beds

For available offers on above brands do not hesitate to contact us by email at or call us on 0116-296-3800. Monday to Saturday 10am to 6 pm.

Please Note:

The same voucher code cannot be used twice in 2 different orders. There are also other conditions when the voucher codes may not get applied. These include:

  • If the code has not been entered properly.
  • If the voucher is not meant for the item that you are purchasing.
  • If the voucher has expired (all the vouchers have the usability dates before which they can be used)

For further information please call us at 0116-296-3800 / mail us to