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Classy, Trendy, Traditional! A Range of over the Bed Wardrobes, Drawers and Fitments by UK’s Very Best Home Care Company

Over The Bed Wardrobes make your bedroom more special and even enhance its utility when it comes to storing. These highly durable overbed fitments provide for long lasting solutions to all problems that may relate to bedroom storage. Our drawer and cupboard storage units have the latest finishing of wood effects and provide high amounts of grain detail and clarity.

Find here a range of over bed units that will increase the elegance of your bedroom while making it more useful at the same time. The overbed wardrobe fitments are assembled at your home itself, so that you can incorporate all your ideas in your new bedroom up gradation for better storage and classy or modern aesthetic looks. The UK’s very best Over Head Bedroom Wardrobes and Storage Fitments manufacturers here provide you a range of fitments and wardrobes that will serve your bedroom for storage and other related purposes for generations. Our over the bed wardrobes and fitments come in a range of styles that just suit and blend with your aesthetic taste and style. Some of our most popular wardrobe styles include the black-ash or white-ash effect for the trendier and modern look and the all-time classic walnut and oak-effect over the bed wardrobes for those who like the traditional way of styling.

Our overhead bedroom storage fitments come with a number of drawers. Metal runners that are easy to glide are fitted with these drawers so that the easy functionality remains with you for years and generations. The cupboards will provide you ample of space for storing almost anything including cookeries, clothes etc and with shelves you can classify your storage items as well. The metals handles are designed with high-quality and tough metals that provide for endless usage. Have a look through our offerings to know more.
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Overbed Unit


Make it neat with over bed storage


Space is premium nowadays especially in urban areas and that is why you need to make the maximum out of the space in your home. This is where overhead bed storage comes into the picture. Nowadays you can get a readymade over bed unit which will store different items that are important to your home. These units are available on Choice Furniture Store and all you have to do is install them in your bedroom. In some cases the over bed units are also accompanied with beds which match the units. These units are flat packed but it is very simple to assemble them. The units available with CFS are versatile and you get them in different sizes according to the size of your bed. They also sell combinations of storage units and beds.

If you have any original over bed storage unit ideas, Choice Furniture Store will also provide semi-customized solutions. The storage units manufactured by Choice are mostly made of wood, where oak is the most popular one.

The smartly designed overhead bed storage units have a combination of close and open shelves. This makes it possible for you to keep decorative pieces of art in the open shelves. These over bead units are useful for storing bed linen, towels, and even your garments. In fact many people use them as wardrobes over bed units.

Usually it is very stressful to try finding the dress that you want from crammed drawers and poorly laid out shelves. If you do not have the sufficient storage options in your home then you should opt for over bed storage. Many people have already started using storage beds, and over bed storage units go one step further and opt for over bed storage.

The best part is that the interior of an over bed storage wardrobe is spacious enough to keep all your formals and weekend casuals. This in turn ensures that not only your bedroom, but also your belongings are kept neatly. Such neatness brings a sense of harmony and creates a positive ambience which is necessary for a relaxing sleep. At the same time, some people use the smart idea of keeping their shoes in the open shelves of the units. This adds a different kind of interest in the over bed units.

If you do not want to be so radical you can still use different knick knacks to decorate the units. There are many other over bed storage ideas that you can apply to the over bed units in your home. Over the bed storage ideas are not just for utility, instead they add a lot of appeal to the aesthetic senses of anyone who sees them. The size of bedrooms has reduces dramatically in the last few decades and with the bed taking up most of the space, you are left wondering what to do about your wardrobe, chest of drawer etc. Fortunately there is the option of over bed storage systems which free up the floor space, by utilizing the space above the bed.

The best part is that these overhead units are fitted to perfection so that complete space above the bed can be utilized. If you do not want a closed wardrobe there is also the option of over the bed shelving unit. Whatever style you choose, overhead storage units are the answer to your bedroom storage requirements.


Products with CFS


Choice Furniture Store has a lot of options when it comes to over bed units wardrobes. There is no dearth of variety in design and style. The most popular material for these units is oak wood, although Choice sells over bed units made from other materials also. In fact Choice Furniture Store is a one stop shop for all your bedroom storage and bed requirements. Along with over bed units they also sell box beds which have storage in the form of drawers which can be pulled out when needed.

Styling the over bed units

The over bed storage solutions provided by Choice Furniture Store are quite appealing aesthetically. However, you can add to their appeal with a little effort and creativity. For instance you can get the lighting fixtures made in such a way that these units are highlighted. This will create an excellent if the units are of a light color. Then again you can keep figurines, vases of fresh or dried flowers, indoor plants etc. in the open shelves of the units. You can also paste some creative and interesting stickers on the doors of the units to make them colorful. The insides of these units are quite organized and you can add to this your creativity and decorate the inside of the units with photographs, small paintings by your kids and other such items.

Usually no one other than you or your immediate family members in your home are going to look inside your bedroom leave alone your over bed units wardrobes. However, it feels very good to sleep and relax in an ambience that is stylish and aesthetically appealing. Especially if you wake up in the morning and look at a neat and clean bedroom it has a very good effect on your mood for the entire day.




The wooden over bed unit UK from CFS, is already treated for resistance to termites and humidity. However, these units require a touch of polish or paint once in a while. All it takes to clean them is wiping them with a damp cloth to remove the dust and fingerprints on them. The insides can be cleaned with a simple vacuum cleaner. Make sure to keep dampness and humidity away from the wooden units. On the other hand if the units are made of some other material like a polymer it is even easier to keep them clean.

Of course you need to ensure that while using these units you don’t end up scratching the surfaces, because they tend to look ungainly. All in all the over bed storage units provided by CFS are easy to maintain, look good and are very useful. So go ahead and purchase one and you can do that with the click of a few buttons on the website of Choice Furniture Superstore.